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Online Pedigrees - Welcome!

3 This website is a community.  It's main purpose is to keep an online pedigree database.  Creating an account you have access to all the pedigree features of the website.  You can create and edit your own pedigrees, which will then be available for all other users of the website.  By pooling all efforts into the database a very complete record of the breed's history can be created and easily viewed and researched.

At this moment the website is in Beta testing.  While it is very functional since the code has been widely used in another pedigree database, the conversion to the Great Pyrenees flavor is bound to have inconsistencies, mainly in the looks of the interface.  The core functionality remains largely unchanged.   Any kinks or things that seem to be out of place will be dealt with as the website goes along and develops.

Don't be afraid to register and play around.  Any mistakes you might make can be corrected once you learn to use the website.  Enjoy and good luck.

Posted by Admin on Wednesday, May 28 @ 06:33:59 CDT

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Online Pedigrees - Picture Upload Finished

3 Well I couldn't sleep so went back at it and got the file upload to automatically resize the picture to 350 pixels wide and now the pedigrees will look exactly like I wanted them to.

Here's a few examples.  These are old dogs and therefore old pictures so I hope I'm not violating any copyrights.

Nettou Du Comte De Foix

Le Roy Du Bois Dore

Estom Du Comte De Foix

Escou Du Domaine De L'Etoile

Posted by admin on Friday, July 09 @ 09:37:22 CDT

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Online Pedigrees - Picture Upload

3 The tool to upload pictures is working!   It uploads files less than 150 KB and they have to be GIF and JPEG images.  It can also delete the picture stored if you want to.

I still have to make it so it will resize to 350 pixels wide if the picture is wider than that.  And still have to incorporate a gallery.

You can see a sample here:

Posted by admin on Friday, July 09 @ 05:45:47 CDT

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